Zephyr is an experimental dance company with a strong artistic presence in Chicago for over twenty years. Zephyr pushes to the edge of the discipline in order to question current trends in dancemaking and the reduction of the art form to its most quantifiable, easily recognized patterns. Zephyr works to critically investigate the overreliance on virtuosity, popular definitions and/or understandings of dance, and the tendency to lean on narrative to inform the abstract nature of movement without confronting the history/meaning of that movement, or the movement itself. Zephyr considers the interaction between performer and viewer, and the movement possibilities that arise through that interaction. The company stages its performances in various spaces, from the proscenium stage, to large auditorium spaces, to galleries, to allow the viewer choices in how they encounter, and engage with, movement. The results are works that transform the atmosphere of a space with rich images, sensual movements and unexpected occurrences.