Players 2019: The Fifty People Who Really Perform for Chicago

January 19th, 2019
photo: Cheryl Mann


Michelle Kranicke
Founder and Artistic Director, SITE/less
When Michelle Kranicke, the founder and artistic director of Zephyr Dance, and her husband David Sundry acquired an odd, triangular-shaped industrial building on Augusta Boulevard wedged between the train tracks and the Kennedy, they had a unique vision for a unique location: an art space like none other in the city, one where genres of visual art and performance could co-exist and rub up against one another in an authentic and unassuming way. Kranicke’s dancemaking in recent years has veered further and further from the traditional proscenium stage, interested more in architectural elements and audience proximity than stagecraft or narrative arc. SITE/less, where architecture is of equal importance to the bodies performing, is the next logical step for her work and potentially for artists of similar interests. Most recently, SITE/less co-hosted the Video Corpo Dance on Film Festival with kindred spirits Defibrillator and Pivot Arts.

Sharon Hoyer
New City

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