On Notice


On Notice is a movement observation and commentary presented in a series of entrances and exits; overtures, entr’actes and codas; stagings and self-stagings; and dressing and undressing. Inspired in part by feminist post-modern conceptual photographers, On Notice looks at the exuberant yet problematic aspects of how using the current media circulation system actively incorporates traditional, top-down mainstream techniques to develop ourselves as constructs, or brands, that compete and circulate in a social media marketplace. Navigating an environment of overlapping green screen runways piled upon each other in a kind of architectural redundancy, Zephyr dancers launch and dissolve constructed personas into the audience who take their place within carved out areas amid the stacked runways  to sit, to look, to reflect, and to be in the space and aware of the space.

Featured Artists: Michelle Kranicke, Molly Fe Strom, David Sundry, Collin Bunting, Richard Norwood, Mat Rappaport, Ted Hardin, Kristin Mariani