Professional Development

Teaching Artist Training
The 21st century artist is a teaching artist.  Practicing artists need to understand how principles of their artistic discipline can be applied to student learning.  Zephyr provides teaching artist training to help artists break down the basic components of their art form in order to balance teaching that form, while applying it to academic curriculum.  Zephyr’s teaching artist training workshops utilize movement as the primary vehicle, however, Zephyr’s methods are applicable to any artform. Zephyr’s workshops for teaching artists focus on:

  • Planning
  • Classroom Practice
  • Assessment
  • Documentation

Teacher Training
Dance education is rarely seen in public schools.  Zephyr’s workshops are designed to introduce classroom teachers from all grade levels to the power of using movement to teach academic curriculum.  Workshops develop teachers’ skill and comfort level with movement, and allow classroom teachers and arts specialists to experience dance as a central part of learning, while developing usable integrations skills for their own teaching.  Zephyr’s workshops for classroom teachers focus on:

  • Dance Basics
  • Integration
  • Assessment
  • Documentation


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